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Rail worker proposes to “Endless Love” at station on Christmas Eve

General Interest

24 December 2017

A rail worker has proposed to his “endless love” on Christmas Eve, in front of a crowd of shocked passengers- with a little help from Lionel Ritchie.

Daniel Cook, from Mossley Hill, popped the question to girlfriend, Meera, at Liverpool South Parkway station, whilst music from the Hello singer was blasted out over the tannoy.

The couple, who now live in Greenwich, met by chance four and a half years ago after Dan accidently boarded the wrong boat at a networking event in Westminster.

By the end of the journey, he plucked up the courage to ask her out on a date and they have been together ever since.

They were back in Liverpool visiting family over the festive season when Dan told Meera they needed to travel from Liverpool South Parkway to Waterloo station, to meet friends for lunch on Christmas Eve.

Unbeknown to Meera, Dan had been busy planning the perfect proposal and had enlisted the support of Merseyrail.

The train operator agreed to help him get his engagement off on the right tracks by

scheduling a special announcement on its display boards and playing Endless Love- one of Meera’s favourite songs- whilst he was down on one knee.

To celebrate their engagement, the happy couple were presented with champagne and flowers by station staff as crowds of passengers applauded and cheered.

Speaking about the proposal, Dan, a level crossing manager for Network Rail, said:

“They say choosing the right ring is the most important part of getting engaged but for me it was always the location which mattered.

“I wanted it to be really special which is why I decided on Liverpool South Parkway. I work in the railway industry and Meera works for the Department for Transport on bus policy, so I wanted to bring that in somehow.

“Liverpool South Parkway is where the buses and trains meet so it felt like it was meant to be"

Talking about why he chose Christmas Eve to propose, he added: “Meera loves everything about Christmas so it had to be then. She is also a huge Lionel Ritchie fan and has dragged me along one of his concerts so it was only fitting that he played a part on the day- the whole experience was amazing.

“I always knew she was the one but who would have known four and a half years down the line, I would be standing here today, at our local train station, having asked the love of my life to marry me? I feel like the luckiest man in the world.”

Sally Ralston, corporate social responsibility manager for Merseyrail, said: “Proposals at our stations are not a regular occurrence, and neither is Lionel Ritchie music but we wanted to make an exception for Dan and Meera.

“Their story is such a special one and we are honoured that we could be there at the start of their engagement journey.

“Dan certainly left all our passengers feeling like they were dancing on the ceiling after his spectacular performance and we all wish them a very happy marriage.”