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Passengers will bear the brunt of third RMT strike

General Interest

16 May 2017

Customers will once again have to put up with another day of disruption, as the RMT announces another strike date on Tuesday 30 May.

Jan Chaudhry-van der Velde, Merseyrail’s managing director, said:

‘We want to end this dispute as quickly as possible and are always prepared to talk to the trade unions. Over the last two months, we had several meetings with the RMT. In the last one, Merseyrail put forward a number of initiatives, which we were willing to explore through a series of working groups.

‘These included having a second member of staff on trains after 8pm. Unfortunately, the RMT would not talk about these things unless we committed to a second safety critical person on every single train. In other words, it is not us that has turned down the working group, it’s the RMT.

‘We are disappointed that the RMT is not prepared to budge, but the RMT is stopping us find a resolution. Merseyrail has always been available for substantive, meaningful talks and will continue to be.

‘This third day of industrial action will again hit local people and the local economy. Our region deserves new trains. It should not be a pawn in the RMT’s national game.’