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Passengers will be dismayed at three New Year RMT strikes in Merseyrail

Station & Service Updates

20 December 2017

The RMT Union has today announced three further days of strike action for the New Year, which will cause more disruption for Merseyrail passengers.

Three 24-hour strikes will take place on Monday 8, Wednesday 10 and Friday 12 January 2018, and will coincide with industrial action by members on Northern, Greater Anglia, South Western and Island Line.

We are disappointed and frustrated that yet again the RMT have called for industrial action in the city region, impacting the lives of thousands of people within the Liverpool City Region, rather than entering into meaningful talks with Merseyrail.

Following the announcement, Andy Heath, Merseyrail’s Managing Director, commented:

“Clearly the RMT would rather manage their affairs on behalf of our guards from the side of a picket line despite the best efforts of the City Region’s Metro Mayor to meet for meaningful conciliation talks.”

“Following on from the RMT’s latest announcement I would like to make our passengers aware that we want to make every effort to reach an agreement with the RMT and have offered to meet with them with no preconditions in an effort to resolve this dispute – something they are unwilling to do.”

“It is a fact that the only concession in this dispute so far is one that was put forward by Merseyrail several months ago when offering a guaranteed customer service adviser on every train after 8pm until last.”

“When you include the strike planned for Friday 22 December I do not believe that our guards and their families wish to lose three day’s pay in one month especially after Christmas. This decision makes it all the more evident that this is being led by the RMT’s London based national executive committee.”