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New Safety and Assurance Director

General Interest

01 August 2015

Zoe Hands has been made the safety and assurance director at Merseyrail, taking up the position earlier this month. 

76165JdZoe will be accountable for ensuring the business fulfils its legal obligations and for improving performance related to health, safety and the environment. 

With ten years’ experience in the transport industry, Zoe was previously head of health, safety and environment for Network Rail in Scotland. Before that, she led operational safety at Heathrow Airport, working as part of the senior team during the construction of the new Terminal 2.

Zoe commented: ‘I’m excited to join a company that has delivered such great results. With twelve years left on the franchise, now is the time to take Merseyrail to the next level and I’m keen to be part of the driving force behind that.’