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Merseyrail update on rail services for the Giants event

General Interest

25 September 2018

Merseyrail has announced two changes to the original rail service timetable issued for the Giants event.

After giving further consideration to feedback from our customers and stakeholders it is now our intention to reinstate trains stopping at Bache and Hightown stations which were two of the stations included in the original temporary station closure plan.

The reinstatement of these stations are for the special timetable on Friday 5, Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 October.

Managing Director at Merseyrail, Andy Heath said:

“The Giants is one of our busiest events and in terms of visitors travelling by Merseyrail it far surpasses most other events within the City of Liverpool. Normally 110,000 passenger journeys are made on Merseyrail per day. With the Giants event we have to plan for more than double those numbers of visitors. With a finite number of trains and carriages available it is a major challenge for us and I am pleased that with these two alterations to what was originally proposed I am confident we will do our best to ensure that as many people as possible get to the city to have a great day at the Giants.

We will have large numbers of staff deployed at key stations to assist with travel to the event. It’s never ideal to announce the temporary closure of any station but by doing this on the days of the event we are able to increase the number of carriages on lines of routes throughout the day and therefore carrying larger numbers of passengers.”

Passengers who may require assistance to travel are advised to contact Merseyrail’s Customer Relations team on 0151 555 1111 as far in advance as possible, due to the station and road closures that will be in place.

Passengers can find out more information by visiting or picking up a leaflet from any of our staffed stations.