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Merseyrail Strikes Update Statement

General Interest

16 October 2019

Today, 16 October the RMT union’s National Executive Committee gave its endorsement to the latest proposal which is a key step to resolving this long running industrial dispute. 

As part of this decision the RMT have suspended the impending nine days of strikes on consecutive Saturdays due to commence on the 2 November 2019 to allow its local representatives to meet with the Merseyrail management team to finalise the proposal so that it can be presented to guard members to seek their endorsement of the agreement.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Andy Heath, Merseyrail Managing Director, said: “At no time in our many days of negotiations with the RMT did we ever lose sight of the fact that the new Merseyrail trains will be one of the best metro railway trains in the national rail network.

“These new trains deliver everything that our customers have asked for through the design of a modern interior, safety features that have responded to feedback from a variety of user panels and industry bodies across the UK and of course the sliding step and platform level boarding maximising the accessibility for all our customers.

“I am pleased that after consideration the RMT’s National Executive Committee have endorsed the latest proposal in principal and at the same time have given our customers, shoppers and traders the benefit of the lead up to Christmas being strike free by suspending the planned nine days of strikes.

 “We will now progress with the next phase of discussions to finalise an agreement so that the RMT can consult with its guard members before proceeding towards implementation.”