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Merseyrail sponsors tribal-inspired Women’s Conference in Liverpool


28 February 2020

Merseyrail is putting its support behind a women’s career conference in Liverpool inspired by female leaders of an African tribe.

The Women’s Conference took place on 27th February at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool city centre and was aimed at current or aspiring female leaders across the city region.

The conference is one of the first of its kind in Merseyside and is run by consultancy firm A Matter of Choice (AMOC).

It was focused on self-awareness, purpose and identity, drawing on the Masters research of AMOC founder Karen Powell on mental toughness for female leaders in male-dominated industries – the first evidence-based research on this project.

It also focused on the women leaders of the Maasai – an African tribe and one of the oldest male-dominated cultures in the world – and how they form their identities, define their purpose and develop mental fitness in a male-dominated tribal environment.

Attendees to the conference discovered how female leaders in the Western world can adopt and adapt their strategies to drive their personal and professional growth within their own cultures.

Jane English, People Director at Merseyrail, said: “At Merseyrail we are absolutely committed to equality and diversity, so sponsorship of this event was a natural fit.

“The rail industry is generally a male-dominated environment, so conferences like this alongside initiatives such as our Women in Merseyrail groups ensure that women are able to explore these issues and have the time and space to discuss what needs to change.

“This unique conference is a fantastic way to support women in their careers regardless of industry, and I am personally delighted to be attending.”

Karen Powell, Co-Founder of A Matter of Choice, said: “We’re delighted to have the support of Merseyrail for our first sold-out conference, which will take place in the heart of Liverpool, attracting a number of prolific businesses from the region and beyond.

“After working with Merseyrail as a client of ours, running a workshop with their female leaders, it’s great that they are now able to champion the work that we do in this way and help us to engage with other likeminded businesses that are striving for change.

“As a company, we have productivity and inclusivity at the forefront of our ethos and the theme of our conference reflects that.

“The topics that we cover perfectly complement our diverse programmes and training courses, which have been devised based on research and evidence as part of our results-driven approach.

“Our Women’s Conference is designed to encourage a brighter way of working and support female opportunities in male-driven environments so we’re calling on all business leaders to help make that change.”