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Merseyrail Releases Revised Timetable for Day of Strike Action, Monday 13 March 2017

Station & Service Updates

07 March 2017

Merseyrail will be operating a reduced timetable on Monday 13 March 2017, as a result of strike action by guards, who are members of the RMT union. Services will run from around 7am till around 7pm every half hour on all routes, and each train will consist of six carriages to maximise capacity. Full details are available in the Strike Action section of the website here, on Twitter and on posters at stations.

We expect to be able to run this timetable, with all other staff coming to work as normal, however, we strongly advise passengers to check our website and Twitter feed before travelling. This is because it is possible that services will change prior to as well as during strike action.

The strike relates to on-board staffing arrangements on the new trains, coming into service in 2020. Due to the way they will be operated, guards will no longer be required, but the new fleet will see the creation of around sixty on-board customer service positions. Ensuring passengers feel safe and secure continues to be the number one priority, and these people will work on board the new trains, to assist and reassure passengers.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 8 March), Merseytravel will release wider travel and transport advice.

Read more about strike action and the new Merseyrail trains here