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Merseyrail fares to continue to be best value for money in the UK

Station & Service Updates

05 December 2017

Some Merseyrail tickets will go up in 2018, but fares overall on the network will remain among the lowest in the UK. Our passengers continue to be among the happiest in the country for the price they pay for a ticket, according to the latest National Rail Passenger Survey (Spring 2017).

In 2018, the average ticket price increase will be 3.6 per cent, while the prices of some of our tickets will be frozen.

Other highlights next year include:

  • A Daysaver will increase by 10p to £5.20, a rise of 2 per cent
  • The cost of a family ticket will stay the same at £11
  • The most expensive ticket will be £8.65, which is a return from Chester to Southport
  • The cheapest ticket will be £2, which is a return from Liverpool to Sandhills

David O’Leary, commercial director, commented: ‘Each year, we work hard to keep fares as low as possible. In 2018, the price of some tickets will go up in line with the Retail Price Index, reflecting the rising cost of operating the network. In spite of this, Merseyrail fares still represent good value for money, ensuring that our network remains accessible to the majority, supports communities and boosts the local economy.’

Changes will take effect on Tuesday 2 January 2018.