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Merseyrail Achievement Awards

Awards & Achievements

01 September 2015

As a business our core values are "Genuine, Professional, Proactive & Inclusive" and we would like to know which member of staff you feel best displays these values.

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do and we’re committed to making the passenger experience better and better. We want to both reward our staff and continue learning about what’s important to our customers, and this initiative will enable us to do both those things.

Jane English

Director of Human Resources

Merseyrail is keen to celebrate their best members of staff and is encouraging people who use our services and have been impressed by a particular individual to have their say and vote for them. This could mean the way he or she has done their job, handled a difficult situation, helped them out in some way or who has simply offered great customer service.

To register your vote, please tell us who you’re nominating and what they did to impress you. Merseyrail employees wear name-badges, but if you don't see their name, just tell us which station or train they were on, with the date and approximate time. Provide a brief description of the person if you can, eg male ticket retailer at Southport station with short blond hair, 5 September, 8am.

Vote through the Merseyrail website, or using the special voting boxes at all our stations. The deadline for nominations is Friday 11 September.

The winner will be announced at a ceremony for staff at the end of October and the news covered on the Merseyrail website and through social media channels.