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Liverpool Echo Environment Awards

Awards & Achievements

22 January 2020

As part of our vision to deliver a world-class railway to our local region, Merseyrail is committed to providing an affordable, greener and connected transport system. We are proud to operate in the City Region and it’s important to us that we are part of it, protect it and contribute to it.

So we are delighted, for the fourth year running, to be the Executive Sponsor of these awards, recognising the fantastic contribution the people of Merseyside make towards a healthier, greener, connected region. The Liverpool Echo Environment Awards is a key event and is your opportunity to showcase all the excellent work you have been doing over the past year. It’s time to shout out about it!

Merseyrail itself has been recognised in 2019 for our environment and community successes being awarded the Excellence in Sustainability and Society Award at the British Quality Foundation (BQF) Awards for our community and environmental projects including Just the Ticket educational travel awareness initiative and LED schemes. In addition, Merseyrail along with our partners Owen Ellis Architects and Morgan Sindall picked up the CEEQUAL Exceptional Achievement Award for Community and Stakeholder relations for the Ainsdale Station Redevelopment.

Andy Heath

Managing Director