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Later Start to Merseyrail Services on Sunday 4th March

Station & Service Updates

02 March 2018

Merseyrail services will start at the later time of approximately 10:00 on Sunday 4th March due to the continued freezing conditions. The normal Sunday timetable, a 30 minute service, will run across the network from approximately 10:00 which will enable passengers to travel as they usually would. 

The sub-zero temperatures overnight are causing the moisture and liquid within the engines to freeze which prevents the trains from working. This week, more Merseyrail staff than ever before have been keeping the trains running and warm throughout the night, however the low temperatures have seen them freeze within 30 minutes of being used.

Andy Heath, Managing Director of Merseyrail said:

“Despite the high number of staff working tirelessly through the night, it’s impossible for them to tend to all units at the same time, which means some of the trains are still freezing. This fleet is 40 years old and the new trains which will arrive on our network in 2020 are built with more sophisticated technology in the engines, making them much more robust in these freezing conditions. We apologise to passengers who have been affected by these timetable changes, which have been necessary to minimise disruption and keep trains running as reliably as possible.”

A strike timetable is due to run on Saturday 3rd March because of industrial action on the Merseyrail network, however passengers are advised to check before they travel throughout the weekend.

Timetables for Sunday are available online at and passengers can stay up-to-date with the latest travel information by following @Merseyrail on Twitter.