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Homeless People Helped by Station Refurbishment Team


10 August 2016

Homeless people in Liverpool will benefit from a donation by the team working on the redevelopment of Moorfields station on the Merseyrail network.

We are always humbled by the collective support in Merseyside to help vulnerable people in our community.

Sally Callan

Fundraising & Marketing Officer of the Whitechapel Centre

Merseyrail, together with Galliford Try, the main contractor working on the scheme, and subcontractors Firesafe, Austin-Lenika, Newy & Eyre, Design Plan and PPS Rail have provided 56 sets of rucksacks, flasks, socks, hats, mats, wet bags, cutlery and other items, making them available at the Whitechapel Centre in Liverpool, which provides of a range of services for people who sleep rough.

‘We’ve been keen to do our bit for the local community while we’ve been based here and, since the station is in an area frequented by homeless people, this type of donation seemed to be fitting,” said Wes McKee, rail Director at Galliford Try. ‘The idea really caught the imagination of our suppliers and we’re very grateful for their support.’

Simon Olorenshaw, Merseyrail interim customer service director, added: ‘Merseyrail takes its role in the local community very seriously and is keen to play its part in creating a stronger economy and more cohesive communities. This initiative is a fantastic way of helping a section of society, who for whatever reason, have found themselves on the streets. We hope that it will help make some people’s existences a bit easier, ultimately enabling them to make more empowered life choices for themselves.’

Sally Callan, fundraising & marketing officer of the Whitechapel Centre, concluded: ‘It’s great to discover that while Moorfields station has been under construction, those that have been involved became aware of a social problem and collaboratively came up with a way to help. The items collected will be distributed to help people get through a difficult time in their lives. We are always humbled by the collective support in Merseyside to help vulnerable people in our community.’

Galliford Try is progressing the third and final phase of the refurbishment of Moorfields station. Due to complete at the end of August the work includes platform and corridor improvements, new lighting, tiled walls, floor tiling and the installation of smoke doors. Moorfields is the last of five Merseyrail stations that Galliford Try has refurbished in a £40m programme for Network Rail.