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Here Comes the Bride...

General Interest

01 July 2014

Leanne Cole, 34, tied the knot with Andrew Corkery, 29, at St George’s Hall in Liverpool on Sunday. But first, Leanne and her bridal party caught a special three-carriage Wedding train commissioned by Merseyrail from Fazakerley to Liverpool Central.

This was certainly an unusual request, but we had a good think about it, and came to the conclusion that with a bit of effort, it would indeed be possible for us to play a part in what we hope will be a wonderful, memorable day for Ms Cole and her new husband.’

Maarten Spaargaren

Managing Director

 The novel arrangement came about after Ms Cole approached staff at Fazakerley station and then contacted us through our website. We were happy to honour her request.

To maintain the bridal theme, Merseyrail decorated Fazakerley station as well as the middle carriage of the train, with balloons and streamers, using colours to match her dress and flowers.

Ms Cole said: ‘I didn't feel the need to hire a fancy car when there is a reliable and convenient train service around the corner from where I live. I also felt it would be a fun and unique way to travel. The service Merseyrail has provided has been exceptional and completely exceeded my expectations; I am very grateful to them.’

After being greeted by loud cheers from friends and family at Liverpool Central, Leanne walked up to Lime Street in the sunshine, where she married the man of her dreams in a lunchtime ceremony.