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Hamilton Square Court Case: Not Guilty Verdict

General Interest

16 March 2017

On 16 March, Merseyrail guard Martin Zee was found not guilty of a charge under section 34 of the 1861 offences against the person’s act, following an incident at Hamilton Square in July 2015. 

Following the pronouncement of the verdict, Merseyrail issued the following statement:

Merseyrail’s priority is to ensure that passengers are safe, and we are deeply sorry that Mrs Atherton was hurt that day in July 2015.  Similarly, we are both relieved and pleased that Martin has been cleared of the charge against him. 

Both our internal investigation and that of the Office of Rail and Road, the independent safety regulator, found that there was no case to answer.

The door closure warning alarm is in place to alert passengers to the danger of closing doors and we rely on passengers heeding that warning and not attempting to board or alight while the doors are closing.