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Disruption on the Ormskirk Line Today

Station & Service Updates

03 November 2017

Trains on the Liverpool to Ormskirk line will stop and start at Maghull, because of power supply problems between Maghull and Ormskirk. A half-hourly rail replacement bus service is running between these two stations, with buses stopping at Town Green and Aughton Park. They will remain in operation for as long as they are required. 

We are currently working with Network Rail, who manage rail infrastructure, to fix the fault, and will issue an update as soon as we know how services will be affected over the rest of the day.

This weekend, on 4 and 5 November, planned engineering work will take place between Maghull and Ormskirk, meaning that there will be no trains between Maghull and Ormskirk, either. Likewise, rail replacement buses will be in place between the two stations.

Today’s disruption is particularly disappointing, given Network Rail’s scheduled blockade over the next two days. We apologise to our customers for the inconvenience caused, but stress that we are collaborating closely with Network Rail as they work to rectify the problem.