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Brand new coffee shop opens in Bootle New Strand train station

General Interest

23 May 2019

A brand new coffee shop has opened in Bootle this month – offering quality drinks and snacks to commuters and the local community.

Siesta Coffee opened its hatch on 1 May at Bootle New Strand train station, serving a delicious selection of coffees, premium teas, soft drinks, paninis and snacks to passengers and local residents.

The franchise was launched in October 2016, and has a vision to open in excess of 100 stores and drive-thru units across the UK over the next five years.

Gary Stainsby, Head of Projects at EHL UK which runs Siesta, said: “Siesta Coffee was born out of a passion for quality produce to be available in the local area.

“It has been a privilege to work alongside Merseyrail to open this café, offering value for money and quality of service to those living in Bootle and commuters alike.

“Going forward, our vision is to open more across the network in the future, building the Siesta brand in the region.”

Suzanne Grant, Commercial Director at Merseyrail, added: “As part of our commitment to providing a range of products and services to meet the needs of customers using our network, it’s our pleasure to welcome Siesta Coffee to Bootle New Strand station.

“We believe this new coffee outlet will add to our customers’ experience as they pass through the station and will also be of benefit to the wider community in the Bootle area.”