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Artists announced for Merseyrail Sound Station music development programme


10 January 2019

12 local musicians have been selected to take part in a music development programme designed by Merseyrail and Liverpool music magazine Bido Lito!

We’re really excited to build on semester one of the project and look forward to seeing this new group of artists blossom.

Suzanne Grant

Commercial Director

Following an open call to musicians based in the city region, a diverse selection of artists will now undertake an eight-week programme of activity.

The musicians involved include a rapper from Norris Green, a Liverpool-based Hawaiian singer-songwriter and an indie pop artist from Wirral.

The new project provides extensive development sessions and mentoring to musicians showing promise in all areas of the Merseyside music scene.

The first semester of Merseyrail Sound Station took place in the summer of 2018 with artists benefitting from advice from industry professionals and performing at BBC Music Day as part of Merseyrail Sound Station Live at Liverpool Central Station.

Once again the development activity will culminate in a live showcase when all the artists will perform live at the station on Friday 29th March.

The artists taking part in semester two of Merseyrail Sound Station are as follows:

  • Rachael Jean Harris -
  • Eli Smart -
  • Jasmine Johnson -
  • Cosmic Shepherd -
  • The Indica Gallery -
  • Monkey Junkey -
  • Gallia -
  • Pale Rider -
  • Podge -
  • Salt the Snail -
  • StyerS -
  • Wild Fruit Art Collective -


To aid their development during the programme of activity, each of the artists will be paired with a mentor who is well-versed in the workings of the music industry.

Jez Wing, an experienced songwriter and music tutor who also plays keyboard with legendary Liverpool band Echo & the Bunnymen, and Cath Hurley, an artist manager and former product manager for Rough Trade Records, will help guide the artists during the sessions and provide personal support and feedback.

Merseyrail Commercial Director Suzanne Grant said: “We’re really excited to build on semester one of the project and look forward to seeing this new group of artists blossom.

“As a UNESCO Music City, it’s vital that Liverpool provides quality support to the next generation of musicians and we’re immensely proud to see Merseyrail Sound Station play such an important role in the region’s music eco system.”

The artists will begin the programme of activity with studio workshops at Sort Rehearsal Rooms in the Baltic Triangle at the end of January, focussing on songwriting, arrangement and studio techniques.

Also included in the suite of development sessions is an artist masterclass with Rebecca Hawley from breakthrough electro pop act Stealing Sheep at the Philharmonic Hall. An industry day at the British Music Experience will also give artists the opportunity to glean advice from music business professionals.

There will be two more semesters of Merseyrail Sound Station taking place throughout 2019. For more information go to