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Merseyrail Introduces Apple Pay

General Interest

21 July 2015

Merseyrail is making it even easier for customers to buy tickets and passes on the network, introducing Apple Pay, which allows people to make purchases on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad and Apple Watch.

Yet again, we are blazing a trail in the rail industry and are the first operator to adopt this service for transactions over £20. We’re keen to make everything about travel on Merseyrail easier and more convenient, and Apple Pay does just that.

Kaj Mook

Customer Services Director

Merseyrail is the first train company to bring in Apple Pay for transactions over £20, meaning that all our products, including Railpasses, can be bought by this method of payment.

To pay by Apple Pay, customers swipe their Apple device over the chip and pin unit, as they would with a contactless credit or debit card.

Card numbers on a credit or debit card are not stored on an Apple Pay device or on Apple servers. Instead, a device account number is assigned, encrypted and securely stored on the customer’s device. Each transaction is authorised with a one-time unique dynamic security code, rather than the security code from the back of the customer’s card.

Apple Pay complements contactless payment, which has been available on Merseyrail since 2013.