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Amazon Lockers at Merseyrail Stations

Station & Service Updates

01 June 2015

Shopping just became easier in Liverpool with the introduction of Amazon Lockers at Liverpool Central, Old Hall Street, Liverpool South Parkway, Moorfields and Southport stations.

The lockers provide a simple and convenient pick up point for Amazon orders. Amazon Lockers are ideal for Merseyrail passengers, as well as station visitors and staff, who want to place orders online and pick up their items on the move.

Amazon customers can select a location when they get to the checkout and are then given a unique pick-up code in order to retrieve their items from that Amazon Locker, which are accessible to customers during station opening hours. 

The number of Amazon Locker locations across the UK is now around 300. They are positioned in convenient locations such as shopping centres, convenience stores, universities and libraries. The vast majority of products directly sold by are available for delivery to an Amazon Locker and Amazon Prime members get one-day delivery to these locations as part of their membership. Customers who aren’t members of Amazon Prime can receive one-day delivery for £1.99.