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Delay and Compensation Performance


At Merseyrail we pride ourselves in being one of the best Train Operating Companies in the UK for customer service. We value our customers feedback & work hard to resolves issues when things do go wrong.

We value any feedback that our customers provide and use this in positive way to improve the level of service we offer.

The fastest way to resolve a problem experienced while travelling with us is by using our Twitter channel (@merseyrail) or by sending us a message on Whatsapp (0151 555 1111).

Alternatively, you can also complete the complaint form here, or call our Customer Relations team on 0151 555 1111 Monday to Friday 7am - 7pm.

We aim to resolve and respond to all complaints within 20 working days. Response time may vary during busy periods.

Last year, we received 1168 customer complaints and responded to 1137, of which 99% where within 20 days. The table below shows a breakdown of the top 5 reasons.

Complaint Category

% of complaints

Staff conduct - helpfulness and attitude of staff on a train


Train service performance - punctuality / reliability


Ticketing and refund policy


Quality on the train - upkeep and repair of the train


Staff conduct - helpfulness and attitude of staff at a station



We usually operate a reliable service however sometimes things can go wrong. We try to be as transparent as possible, so we have included our performances for compensation claims below.

Our passenger charter sets out any compensation you may be entitled to & we recommend that you check the rules for the type of ticket you hold before making a claim. Please check the Refunds and Compensations page here, for more information based on your ticket type.



12 weeks - Ending 7th January


Volume of delay compensation claims received, and approved



Value of total delay compensation paid



Average time for claims to be processed.

12 working days

9 working days


We continually review our complaints to provide the best possible service to our customers.