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Paper Season Ticket Compensation


If you have a paper season ticket, and your journeys are sometimes delayed or trains cancelled, you will be entitled to compensation if our service has dropped below the standards set out in our Passenger Charter during the period your ticket is for. The compensation will be equal to a percentage of the cost of your ticket. 

If you have a Merseyrail Only Railpass which you purchased online please view the process for claiming compensation here.

Weekly Railpass Tickets

If you hold a weekly Railpass ticket you will be entitled to a percentage of the cost of the ticket.

Season and Trio Tickets (valid one month or longer)

If, over the period of your ticket covers, our average performance has been between 91.9% and 90% of our targets as set out in the Passenger Charter, we will give compensation equal to 5% of the cost of your ticket.

If our average performance falls below 90% of our targets, we will give you compensation equal to 10% of the cost of your ticket.

Please visit our Passenger Charter page for the latest performance figures.

How to claim

To claim compensation, please print off and fill in the Refund Application for Season Ticket Holders Form and take it with the expired Season Ticket to any staffed Merseyrail station, or post the form and ticket to:

Freepost Merseyrail Customer Relations

You do not need to use a stamp.