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Day Tickets Refunds



The below information sets out Merseyrail’s claims process, which is in line with the National Conditions of Rail Travel. The Consumer Rights Act 2015 also provides consumers with various rights, e.g., rights where a service is not performed with reasonable care and skill (see section 49 of the Act - click here to read in full).

If you cannot find the information you need please Contact Us here or call our Customer Relations team on 0151 555 1111 Monday to Friday 7am - 7pm.  

The refund and compensation arrangements for when journeys are cancelled or delayed remain in place throughout strike action. 

If you decided not to travel because your train was delayed or cancelled

If the train you planned to catch was delayed or cancelled, so you decided not to travel you can receive a full refund. Simply take your ticket back to the ticket office where it was bought from before you leave the station and you will be given the refund by the method of payment you used to buy the ticket.

How to claim if you did not get a refund at the station

If you did not claim a refund at the station please click here to complete our online claim form.

If you are delayed on your journey by 30 minutes or more

If your ticket is for a journey that is entirely on the Merseyrail Northern or Wirral line, and during that journey you are delayed for more than half an hour we will provide compensation.

If you have a single ticket, the compensation will be equal to the full cost of the ticket. If you have a return ticket, the compensation will be 50% of the cost of the ticket.

If your ticket involves travel on other lines, but you are delayed on our network, you may be entitled to compensation equal to 20% of the cost of your ticket price.

How to claim

To claim compensation please click here to complete our online claim form. 

If your claim is accepted, you will be paid via the same method that you used to pay for the ticket, unless you agree to a different method of repayment. This will usually be within 14 days of your claim being accepted.