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Merseyrail has signed up the to Rail Delivery Group pledges scheme. 

The pledges set out what you should expect when you travel with Merseyrail, particularly what we pledge to do during service disruption. 

Alongside the Rail Delivery Group and other Train Operators, through our Customer Information Pledges, we will:

  • show that we care by putting our customers' needs first;
  • commit to a set of guiding principles that will bring real consistency to the information we provide to customers when they choose to travel by train;
  • allow for enough flexibility across the network to ensure we meet all customers' needs, which might be slightly dirrerent locally, whilst still maintaining consistency across the industry;
  • bring together good practice from across the railway - and other industries - to support customers during disruption and get them where they need to be as quickly as possible.

You can read more about the Customer Information Pledges and the 'Smarter Information, Smarter Journeys Programme' here. 

The pledges are most important when things don't go to plan. Merseyrail is committed to providing clear customer information that you want, when and how you want it. 

You can read the Merseyrail Passenger Information During Disruption Delivery Plan here.