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Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement – July 2019


Summary Statement

Modern slavery is a term used to encompass slavery, servitude, forced and compulsory labour, bonded and child labour and human trafficking.  Human trafficking is where a person arranges or facilitates the travel of another person with a view to that person being exploited.  Modern slavery is a crime and violation of fundamental human rights.

Merseyrail Electrics 2002 Ltd (Merseyrail) is a company that expects everyone working with us or on our behalf to support and uphold the following measures to safeguard against modern slavery:

  • We have a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery in our organisation and our supply chains.
  • The prevention, detection and reporting of modern slavery in any part of our organisation or supply chain is the responsibility of all those working for us or on our behalf.  Workers must not engage in, facilitate or fail to report any activity that might lead to or suggest a breach to this statement.
  • We are committed to engaging with our stakeholders and suppliers to address the risk of modern slavery in our operations and supply chain.

Who is Merseyrail Electrics 2002 Ltd (Merseyrail)        

Merseyrail is an urban network of vital importance to the transport infrastructure of Liverpool and its environs, operating on the Wirral and Northern Lines within Merseyside.  Merseyrail is one of the most punctual and reliable rail networks in the UK, with consistently high scores for passenger satisfaction.

Over 600 regular services per day are operated every 15 minutes via a fleet of 59 electric trains, to 68 stations throughout the Liverpool City Region, including 4 underground stations in the city centre that receive services every few minutes, giving easy access to work, study, shopping and leisure.

The Merseyrail network is one of the most intensively used networks in the UK, running on 75 route miles of track.  The network carries over 100,000 passengers on an average weekday, with its Liverpool Central station being one of the busiest outside of London.   Outer terminuses are at Southport, Ormskirk, Kirkby and Hunts Cross on the Northern Line and New Brighton, West Kirby, Chester and Ellesmere Port on the Wirral Line.

Merseyrail is a 50/50 joint venture company between Serco and Abellio, which has a 25 year concession agreement with Merseytravel, the transport authority in Merseyside. The concession started on 20 July 2003, with review dates every five years. 1,200 people work at Merseyrail.

Merseyrail’s Supply Chain

The vast majority of Merseyrail’s suppliers are UK based however, we do recognise that our suppliers supply chains do extend outside of the UK.  Internal policies and procedures at Merseyrail detail the requirements and arrangements that need to be put in place when engaging with suppliers.  A risk based approached is taken to contracting with suppliers with additional processes and procedures put in place where we believe there is a higher risk of non-compliance through each tier of the supply chain.   We have a zero tolerance approach which is reflected in our Supplier Code of Conduct for Ethical Practices in Purchasing and Supply Management which clearly describes our minimum expectations towards human rights and labour conditions; employment relationships; freedom of association; wages and benefits; working hours; humane treatment of employees; applicable laws; health and safety; child labour avoidance; discrimination; transparency; confidentiality and fairness and; corruption for our suppliers as well as their subcontractors and suppliers.  We will only trade with those who fully agree and comply with this policy or those who are taking verifiable steps towards compliance.  As part of our ongoing risk assessment and due diligence processes we will consider whether circumstances warrant us carrying out audits of suppliers for their compliance with our Code of Conduct.  We undertake all reasonable and practical steps to ensure that our standards are being implemented throughout the businesses of our suppliers and that local legislation and regulations are complied with.  All instances of non-compliance will be assessed and remedial action taken as appropriate.  If we find that other individuals or organisations working on our behalf have breached our policies we will ensure that we take appropriate action.  This may range from considering the possibility of breaches being remediated and whether this might represent the best outcome for those individuals impacted by the breach or by terminating such relationships. 

These internal policies also ensure adequate tendering procedures are followed in a timely manner with any pricing obtained from bidders that is abnormally low being rejected, resulting in the company being removed from the tender process.  Prompt payment is also ensured, with approved suppliers being paid within 30 days of invoice.

Merseyrail Employees

Merseyrail have a number of policies and procedures that ensures we treat all colleagues with respect and dignity regardless of age, gender, marital status, pregnancy, disability, race (including nationality, ethic or national origin), religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.  We will not tolerate discrimination, harassment or victimisation of any kind.  Employees also have the right to join trade unions and Merseyrail ensure they comply will all relevant UK laws pertaining to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

Merseyrail is committed to continuing to review and revise any company policies as required and will continue to work closely with our Tier 1 suppliers to reduce the risk of slavery and human trafficking within the supply chain.   

This statement has been approved by our Board of Directors, who will review and update as appropriate on an annual basis.

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