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Local Charity Support


We support local charities, clubs, sports teams and community groups across Merseyside with in kind donations and sponsorship.  We are currently fundraising for Merseyside and Cheshire Blood Bikes, who are our Charity of the Year 2018 as nominated and voted for by our staff.

Since April, this year we have been allowing local charities back on our stations to collect and raise awareness of their work. We have had 54 bookings which includes the following charities:

Maggie’s Cancer Support, RNLI, Jospice, Veterans for Cancer and Rescue Me a charity supporting abandoned pets and animals.

On average they collect around £300 per session which means that in total over £16,000 has been raised by our passengers for these wonderful local organisations and charities.

We have many more booked in for the remainder of 2022 which will involve choirs at Christmas for Woodlands Hospice and the Rotary Club.  Children in Need will also be on the network again along with the annual poppy appeal and the Royal British legion.

If you are interested in collecting on Merseyrail stations, please contact Merseyrail's Corporate Social Resposibility Manager, Sally Ralston by email at [email protected].

This is purely on a first come first served basis, however we will try to accomodate as many charities as possible. Please note that this is also coordinated with our commercial activity on our stations, therefore not all dates and locations can be accomodated.