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Health & Wellbeing


Merseyrail put the health and wellbeing of all its employees and the local community at the heart of everything we do.
Our Vision is to “Contribute to a sustainable, carbon friendly transport system for the communities of Merseyside and its adjacent counties ensuring a modern and customer centric whole journey concept”

To ensure we achieve our vision, we have five strategic areas of focus, one of which is a drive for CSR and developing a engaged and talented workforce, both of which Health & wellbeing contribute.

NHS Charter


Merseyrail was recognised with the NHS Wellbeing Charter in March 2013 for achieving the excellence standard on 6 of the 8 areas identified, with the final two areas meeting the commitment standard.

The Workplace Wellbeing Charter is a statement of intent, showing Merseyrail’s commitment to the health of its staff.

Merseyrail was the first train operator in the UK to achieve the standard and this is recognition to the excellent work we do for both our employees and the wider community.

The standard covers eight key areas including:

  1. Leadership,
  2. Attendance Management,Workplace Wellbeing Charter Logo
  3. Health & Safety,
  4. Mental Health and Wellbeing,
  5. Smoking and Tobacco related ill health,
  6. Physical Activity,
  7. Health Eating,
  8. Alcohol and Substance Misuse.


Heart on Track

Merseyrail sickness levels were unacceptably high at year end 2012. The business had to challenge itself to find creative and innovative ways to manage sickness absence.

Merseyrail launched its Heart on Track programme in 2013 with the aim of raising health awareness for its workforce. Working in partnership with Hope University a trial was introduced to offer 50 employees the opportunity to participate in a 6 month exercise where they would be assessed and given an individual bespoke programme. All participants were assessed by Dr Anne Coufoploplus, Senior Dietician from the university and were then given a tailored programme consisting of dietary advice and fitness advice.

However this programme was not simply about the employees taking part in the programme, there were also regular workshops held where all employees had the opportunity to attend and be educated on a variety of health related issues.

The scheme proved a huge success, so much so that we have now started to roll out the programme again for 2014. In total out of the 50 employees who took part in the exercise a total of 251Lbs were lost, and their sickness levels for the 6 months post the scheme are less than half they were in the six months prior to the scheme, a reduction of 120 days for the 50 employees alone.

The programme has also been recognised as best practice by the Office of Rail Regulator and has also been subject of an article in a medical journal.

Cancer Awareness

In 2012 Cancer related conditions contributed towards a significant amount of absence lost within the business. Oncology related illness is often a very stressful time for not only the employee but also their immediate friends and family.

Merseyrail undertook a series of educational programmes to raise awareness of a variety of cancer related illnesses both within the business and externally within the community with the support of our Occupational Health provider and other national charities.

Breast and testicular cancer awareness sessions were held across the business to help employees identify the early signs of detection, helped with ‘boobs and balls’ session, using model body parts to help employees understand the early signs of cancer by getting hands on. As a result in 2013 our levels of oncology related illnesses have reduced significantly. We are now working closely with Liverpool Community Health.