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Supporting Our Local Environment


Merseyrail work closely with our local communities and passengers to help them reduce their own environmental impact by providing options that enable them to make smarter, greener travel choices.

Merseyrail encourage active travel, such as walking and cycling through our secure bike storage schemes.

Secure bike storage

To encourage greener and healthier travel we offer over 1500 cycle spaces at stations across our network. Visit our Plan Your Journey section to find out how you can access our stations by bike. 

Cycle Storage

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

We provide the facility for electric cars to be charged in the car parks at Hooton station and Birkenhead North Station.

Executive sponsor at Liverpool Echo Environment Awards

Merseyrail 4

Merseyrail continue as executive sponsors of the Liverpool Echo Environment Awards which recognise the outstanding work businesses and the community go through to protect our environment. The awards celebrate true excellence and recognise the successes of business, community groups, schools and individuals in the areas striving to make Merseyside a healthier, greener and more connected place to live and work.

Working Together

We actively support many local projects and groups to help improve the environment local to our network.

Each year Merseyrail employees undertake physical environmental improvements to Dibbinsdale local nature reserve close to Spital station. This has included cutting back vegetation blocking pathways, repairing small bridge and removing non-native species that stifle the local biodiversity.

We also actively contribute towards clearing our beaches of litter in conjunction with Marine Conservation Society beach clean events where plastic waste continues to blight our beaches.

Mcs Beach Clean 2018