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As part of our vision to deliver a world class railway to our local region, Merseyrail is committed to providing an affordable, greener and well connected transport system that values the communities and environment it operates in.

As an electric traction fleet, our trains, which are powered without burning fossil fuels, are already amongst the lowest carbon modes of transport within the region. One of the key benefits for our customers of travelling on our trains is the significant carbon savings that can be made compared to other modes of transport, such as single occupancy car. For example, the average UK car emits 181g CO2 per km. Using a Merseyrail train for your journey will reduce the carbon footprint for that journey by 66% (61g CO2 per km).

Consistently a top performer for train punctuality with 800 train services daily, Merseyrail provide our local communities with an affordable and greener way to travel.

However, in response to the challenge of climate change, we acknowledge that we need to contribute towards delivering the UK and world’s target of significant carbon savings.

A goal within our environmental sustainability strategy is to reduce our impact on the environment which will be achieved by increasing energy efficiency and reducing actual consumption through design, procurement and the operation of assets.

An additional goal is to support our local environment and help our local communities reduce their environmental impact. Our customers journey doesn’t start when they get on that train. For that reason we provide secure cycle shelters and electric vehicle charging points at a number of our stations to allow for a green journey from door to destination.

As a local business, we strive to be recognised across Merseyside and within our industry as a leader in environmental good practice, with an environmental management system fully embedded across all our business operations. Our ambition is for our employees to all demonstrate and embody good environmental management behaviours.

Merseyrail was recognised for its environmental and community commitments at the prestigious National Rail Awards 2018 when we won the Sustainable Development Award highlighting us as a leader within our field.

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If you would like a copy of Merseyrail’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy, Environment and Energy Policy and/or a copy of our ISO14001 and ISO50001 certifications including the scope please contact the Energy and Environment manager at [email protected].

Find about more about the work we do by visiting our Environment pages: