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Employee Profiles


We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a few of our people, so you can see what they say about their jobs, career progression and the culture at Merseyrail.

Thomas - Business Analyst

Thomas Business AnalystI joined Merseyrail in 2005. As a Business Analyst my role is to work closely with all the business functional areas and the Information Systems team in delivering IT solutions for the business, identifying options for potential solutions and assessing them for both technical and business suitability.

As a Business Analyst within Information Systems I am able to work with lots of different people at all levels of the organisation on various projects which I really enjoy. I love the working atmosphere and friendliness of my colleagues.

Merseyrail has provided me with a lot of development opportunities since I joined. I’ve attended various people management and technical training courses to develop my skills.

Merseyrail is one of the best employer you could find in Merseyside. A friendly, inviting organisation to work for. At Merseyrail you will have the freedom and support to excel in the job.


Mike – Guards Standards Manager

Mike BurnsI joined Merseyrail in 2006 and I currently work as a Guards Standards Manager.  My job involves managing and assessing Guards on their competency which is required for them to continually fulfil their operational and customer service duties.

I enjoy  the interaction that I have with Traincrew and other departments across the business. It has given me an insight on how things run right throughout the industry.  I also enjoy supporting Guards on a daily basis.

Being involved in the big events that happen on Merseyside eg Aintree Grand National, Open Golf at Hoylake and the recent visit of the Giants to the city means a big involvement for the operations team and gives the opportunity to interact with our passengers.

I started as a Guard in 2006; I became a Leader Guard in 2010 then stepped up to Guards Standards Manager in 2012.

In this role I have required new qualifications such as health and safety, and accident and investigation training, which have helped me to be able to perform my role effectively.

Merseyrail is a very good company to work for. They offer many benefits along with a good salary. They also offer promotional opportunities for employees who want to further themselves.

Pam – Train Driver

Pam GambleI joined the railway as a YTS in 1988 and worked my way through various positions before becoming a guard at Kirkdale in 1990. I then became a driver in 1994. I’m based at the Kirkdale train crew depot, and drive on all Northern line routes.

What I enjoy most about my job is that I’m constantly on the move, working with different members of staff each day and meeting new people. I enjoy the shift work as I don’t believe an office job working 9 to 5 would suit me. I particularly enjoy the 4 day week shift pattern as this allows me plenty of leisure time.

Merseyrail is a large well established business with plenty of different roles and lots of room for progression and development.



Thomas – Station Retailer

Thomas GeorgeI joined Merseyrail in 2009 as a Station Retailer. My role is varied and involves issuing different types of tickets, dealing with customer enquiries and also carrying out M to Go duties. What I enjoy most about my job is working in a busy and safe environment, dealing with a wide variety of customers on a daily basis and of course working with my wonderful colleagues.

Since I joined Merseyrail, there have been a number of training courses offered which contributed a lot to my personal development, for example customer service and retail skills. I’ve also had the opportunity to achieve professional qualifications in retail skills.

You can always be proud of being an employee of Merseyrail. There are a lot of opportunities to develop and if like me, you secure a Station Retailer role, you will have a wonderful team of colleagues who look after each other. Your hard work and skills will be taken into consideration and rewarded. 



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