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If you make regular journeys using more than one type of public transport in Merseyside, we can offer you a choice of season tickets that can save you money off standard fares. Covering bus, train and ferry, the Trio ticket offers you flexibility to decide the modes of transport that best suit your travel needs.

Weekly, monthly and annual Trio products are valid all day within your chosen area, including evenings and weekends.

Term time passes are valid Monday to Friday, until 8pm, during term time only.

Alternatively, if you are only planning to travel by train, our Railpass product may be a better option.

You can purchase your Trio ticket from a wide range of retail outlets including any staffed Merseyrail booking office. Costs are detailed in the table below.

Trio Fares                          1 Zone  2 Zone / 1 Area      3 Zone / 1 Area + 1 Zone   All Zones (excluding Area G&F)
Adults (19yrs+)        
Weekly £17.70 £22.10  £28.30  £36.70
Monthly £62.50 £78.30  £97.40  £127.00
School Term £128.00 £162.00  £202.00  £263.00
Annual (Peak) £625.00 £783.00  £974.00  £1270.00
Annual (Off Peak)        £433.00
Young Person (5-18)        
Weekly £8.85 £11.05  £14.15  £18.35
School Term £83.20 £105.30  £131.30  £170.95


Term Time Dates 2016

  • Spring - Monday 4 January 2016 to Friday 1 April 2016.
  • Summer - Monday 18 April to Friday 22 July


Find out more information on Trio products by downloading MerseyTravel’s ‘Guide to Season Tickets’ brochure below.

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