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If you make regular journeys by rail, we can offer you a choice of season tickets that will save you money off standard fares. Railpass saves you from having to buy daily tickets if you are travelling on a regular basis over a week, month, term or year and it is easy to renew.

Weekly, monthly and annual Railpass products are valid all day within your chosen area, including evenings and weekends.

Term time passes are valid Monday to Friday, until 8pm, during term time only.

To purchase a Railpass, download and complete the application form below and take it to any of our staffed stations, along with a passport-size photo and some form of identification.

Railpasses can be renewed quickly and easily at any of our staffed stations and weekly passes can be renewed from any of the ticket machines located at various stations on our network. 

There are a number of Railpass options available, depending on the number of area and zones you travel through on a regular basis:

Railpass Fares 1 Zone       2 Zone / 1 Area  3 Zone / 1 Area All Zones
Weekly £14.70 £18.30 £23.20 £29.80
Monthly £51.30 £64.10 £80.00 £103.70
School Term £104.90 £133.00 £165.30 £216.00
Annual £513.00 £641.00 £800.00 £1037.00
Young Person        
Weekly £7.30 £9.70 £11.60 £14.70
School Term £68.00 £85.10 £107.00 £140.20


To calculate how many areas and zones your journey passes through, use our Area & Zone Calculator.

To find out more about Railpass download MerseyTravel’s Guide to Season Tickets below.


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