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We all like to save money, so why pay more for something you could get for less?

Railpass is likely to work out cheaper than buying a daily ticket and you can buy one to cover a week, a month or even a year. The longer you get one for, the more you save. You also sidestep those early morning ticket queues and no more searching for your daily train fare. So more money in your pocket, more time on your hands. Add it to today’s list of smart decisions.

Weekly, monthly and annual Railpass products are valid all day within your chosen area, including evenings and weekends.

There are also Young Person's Railpass products for those aged 18 and under and there are Term time passes valid Monday to Friday, until 8pm, during term time only.

Use the Railpass Calculator at the bottom of this page to quickly check the cost of a Railpass for your journey and to see exactly how much you could save.

For example, if you normally buy 5 adult standard return tickets between Ormskirk and Liverpool Central every week, switching to a monthly Railpass would save you the equivalent of 1 week's travel a month!

Come and see us!



We will be at Liverpool Central from Monday 6th - Thursday 9th June, between 4pm - 7pm

  • We can use our Railpass calculator to show you exactly how much you could save on your journey.
  • We can get you started there and then. We’ll help you complete the short form, take and print your picture and send you on your way. 
  • If you’d like to go home and have a think about it, we’ve got very informative leaflets for you to read on the train. 
  • We can also answer any questions, big or small, that you’ve got about Railpass.  

How to purchase a Railpass

To purchase a Railpass, download and complete the application form at the bottom of this page, or here, and take it to any of our staffed stations, along with a passport-size photo and some form of identification. If you are purchasing a Term Time pass you will need to provide proof that you are in full-time education with a valid student card or by getting your application stamped by your education provider. Application forms are also available at our staffed stations.

Railpasses can be renewed quickly and easily at any of our staffed stations and weekly passes can be renewed from any of the ticket machines located at various stations on our network. 

There are a number of Railpass options available, depending on the number of area and zones you travel through on a regular basis:

Railpass Fares 1 Zone       2 Zone / 1 Area  3 Zone / 1 Area All Zones
Adults (19+)        
Weekly £15.30 £19.00 £24.00 £30.80
Monthly £53.10 £66.40 £82.80 £107.40
School Term £109.00 £138.00 £171.00 £224.00
Annual £531.00 £664.00 £828.00 £1074.00
Young Person (5-18)        
 Weekly £7.65  £9.50  £12.00  £15.40
 Monthly £26.55  £33.20  £41.40  £53.70
School Term £70.85 £89.70 £111.15 £145.60

To check the right cost for your journey simply use the Railpass calculator at the bottom of this page. 

If an annual Railpass is on your wish list but the upfront cost is holding you back, then refer your employer to our corporate scheme here.

Term Time Dates 2016

Term time passes are available to anyone in full time education and are valid Monday to Friday, until 8pm, during term time only.

  • Spring - Monday 4 January 2016 to Friday 1 April 2016.
  • Summer - Monday 18 April to Friday 22 July


Railpass Calculator



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Railpass Mythbusters

It really is flexible and cheaper!

Still not sure if a Railpass is right for you? Let us answer your doubts here. 

It really is flexible and cheaper!

Corporate Scheme

Affordable Annual Railpass

Benefit from Annual Railpass savings without the up-front cost, refer your company today.

Affordable Annual Railpass