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Terms and conditions of Cycle Storage


Terms and Conditions for application and using the Merseyrail Secure Cycle Facilities.

  • Merseyrail will endeavour to give priority to applications received from Railpass, Trio, Season Ticket holders and frequent users and cannot guarantee the certainty that each and every application will be successful.
  • An activated key fob will be forwarded to your home address.
  • The key fob will be activated to allow entry into the secure facilities at the station nominated on your application form.
  • A replacement key fob will be provided on payment of a £10.00 charge.
  • Access is only available for one bicycle per fob at any one time. Misuse will result in the fob and facility being withdrawn.
  • Merseyrail reserve the right to deactivate the key fob if the facility is misused.
  • All bicycles must be individually locked (using your own locking device) whilst in the parking facility.
  • Merseyrail do not accept any liability for personal property left in the secure cycling facility.
  • At this time access to the facility is free but Merseyrail reserve the right to charge for the facility in the future. In that event users would be under no obligation to continue in the scheme.
  • From time to time we or agents acting on our behalf may contact you for customer research or to send you extra information which may be of interest to you, we will not share your details with any third parties.


To Apply for Access to a Merseyrail Secure Cycling Facility.

  • Fill in and submit an online application form or download a copy at the bottom of the page and return an application form in the post to Cycle Co-ordinator, Merseyrail, 8th Floor, Rail House, Lord Nelson Street, Liverpool, L1 1JF
  • You will be advised by letter within 10 working days of receipt of the application to confirm whether or not you have been allocated access to the secure cycle facilities at the station you nominated.
  • If you have been allocated access to the secure cycle facilities at the station you nominated, access and instructions on the usage of the facilities will be sent to your home address within 10 working days.